Water as a guide – Goodbye hello !

water-2My 2018 has been a celebration of the water.
Celebration as welcoming her fully in all her shapes, accepting all her gifts and messages. Embracing all her manifestations. Dews, mantles of fog, unexpected rains, wild torrents, mountain lakes, fountains, calm sea, angry sea, uncertain sea, tears, tears of grief, tears of broken heart, tears of non-accepting, tears of gratitude, tears of laughter, tears of orgasms, lovers’ saliva, lovers’ sweat, lovers’s fluids… shared water… all the ginger drinks prepared for friends stopping by my house…
Water as a mirror, water as a vehicle, water as a guide. « Let go let go, don’t resist the gravity you fool, follow the flow calling you, transform, incarnate yourself, transform again, surround, be surrounded, just be. »
Bye-bye 2018, thank you for the lessons and the blessings.
Happy 2019 everyone, cherish each drop of love, each particle of light ✨