Supporting Sepideh Jodeyri

Supporting Sepideh Jodeyri

(Thanks to Sarah, Gaz’, Johanna and Camille)

Sepideh Jodeyri is a poet and an Iranian citizen. She discovered « Blue is the warmest color » in Europe and decided to translate it into Persian. This is the only reason why she is being harassed today.
In Iran, homosexuality is condemned and can be punishable by the death penalty. Therefore, the Persian version of « Blue » was published by a publisher in Paris (link in footer). That could have been all. But the conservative religious media suddenly went wild when a publisher in Teheran recently published the latest collection of poems by Sepideh and made plans to promote its release. All of those who started it hastened to denounce Sepideh for having translated « Blue » which they said amounted to « supporting homosexuality ». At the same time they attacked the local publisher who dared publish the books of such a « criminal », without forgetting to call out the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance who had allowed and financed these events with public structures. Sepideh’s media lynching has lasted for several days now, and she no longer has hope to see her books published in her country in the future. Furthermore, her publisher is under serious threat of losing his license. As for the director of the museum where the promotional event for the book of poetry was scheduled to take place – cancelled in the meantime by the government – he has simply been sacked.

It is unbearable to me that such events go uncommented on. This is one more infringement to our liberty of writing, reading, communicating and above all: loving. We’re going to need much m.u.c.h. love this year.
If you are against this kind of witch-hunting, please spread the word about Sepideh Jodeyri, she came to me to have her story told. In Iran and elsewhere, many homosexuals are deeply shocked by this media lynching, touched in their flesh, such as all who detect the gravity of such events. A blast of solidarity would be very welcome. Thanks in advance. If you publish something online about this topic, you are invited to share your link in the comments of the french twin of this page {right here}.

For all the details about this story, check it {here}

The Persian version of « Blue » is {there}

Edit 12th of february 1AM, from Sepideh: « An Iranian journalist who did an interview with me recently about my latest poetry book has just informed me that Shahrvand newspaper, a reformist newspaper based in Iran has removed the interview from their coming issue just because they were scared by those articles the fundamentalists published against me during recent weeks. They are afraid if they publish anything from me, the authorities ban the newspaper.
And even two of literary critics who have written essays on my poetry book sent me their essays mentioning that anything about me and my works would be censored in journals based in Iran and they thought it would be better if I sent the essays to Iranian journals abroad! All of this means that my pen is banned in my homeland. »