Love letter to Bologna

{In Italiano sul mio Instagram a questo link}


Bologna, Bologna, Bologna…
Every day I walk through your streets and yet, you’re absent.
Your porticos are a giant empty ribcage where only the wind slides. The confetti that usually spread everywhere for the graduated students have now disappeared since a while. The protests clamor and the embrace during the activists meetings all seem a distant echo.
This silent city, this isn’t you. You, Bologna, you roar. Your ribcage lives only for screaming slogans and statements at the top of your lungs. For you are a pirate island resisting the patriarchal and capitalist tumult assaulting the world. You’re the feminist anar’ ecolo’ queer punk trans faggot dyke witchy outcast tireless and surefooted crowd. The crowd that doesn’t compromise their values nor when it’s time to dance till dawn.
Bologna Bologna Bologna… Here with this drawing I invoke the present New Moon in Taurus to call upon your powerful soul. Come back to your body. Make the furor rebound on your colorful walls once again. Here’s my love to you.

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